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Outlook crashing on retrieval of mail (in SAFE MODE TOO!)

We have a client with Vista SP1 and Office 2007 SP1. Today around 4 hours after installing a round of updates, his Outlook is crashing when he receives an email. He is connected to an Exchange server with 2003 SP2.

It crashes in safe mode and in regular mode. I have tried disabling add-ins but it still crashes. I have tried it so his exchange is the only data file (no psts or archives) but it still crashes with the Outlook has stopped working close program prompt.

It will run fine but when I send him a test email, it will crash, so I know it is an issue when receiving rather than at startup.

The only thing that has changed is about an hour before we added a registry edit  to the Exchange server to allow for larger Junk Mail lists.

He is on a conference call so I am unable to work on it now, but does anyone have anything to try?


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