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How do I add/open a port in windows 2000 server spk4?

I am trying to run/use a program that can only use port 8001. Was able to open the port rather easily on my vista client through windows firewall. W2K Server has no such util. I have used the netsat cmd to look for this port, but it isnt listed. I need to add it.
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Rob Williams
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There is no built-in firewall on Windows 2000, all ports are open by default. Might there be a 3rd party one added such as ZoneAlarm, McAfee or Symantec security suite, or similar?

The only firewall available to 2000 is a basic NAT feature in Routing and Remote Access, which would block external traffic, if enabled. Do you know if this has been "switched on"?
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I removed McAfee for testing this. Routing and remote Access is not configured. Does it need to be?
>>"Routing and remote Access is not configured. Does it need to be?"
No, as a matter of fact it could conceivably block your port.

Is the server behind a firewal/router?

Try testing if the port is open using telnet from another machine.
telnet  8001
If it is open you will get a blank screen and a flasing cursor. If not it will err or time out.
The server is behind the firewall.  I get error " could not open connection to host, on port 8001 connection failed. I did a netstat  cmd with various switches and I dont see that port listed.
This is running as a terninal server in administration mode only if that matters
Re you trying to connect from outside of the firewall?

Netstat will only show active connections, not if the port is open.

Terminal server will have no ill effect.
all PC's are behind the firewall.
My questions is are you trying to connect from one side of the firewall and the server e to which you are trying to connect on the other side of the firewall?
If this is the case the firewall needs to have port forwarding enabled and it is not a server issue.
Okay, if the server is behind the firewall, I login locally to the server and should be able to telnet that port localy. This would bypass the firewall right? basically telnet itself.
Correct? Assuming there is a service configured to use that port and is listening.
Can I configure a specific service to use that port?or how can I make a port listen might be a better question.
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okay, Locally the application has to configure it to listen on a given port. It is not a Windows setting but rather a programming method" this now makes sense. The port is made programatically not from the windows side. Since there is clearly nothing blocking the port, i can deduce that the program isnt working properly and not opening the port period.

Thanks. I will put this back on the vendor.
Robwill responded quickly which really helps ease frustraion. thanks again.
Ah, does sound like a programming issue then. I can appreciate your frustration as in a Win2K environment there would be little or nothing that would block it.
Good luck with it and thanks augustkrys.
Cheers !