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How to resolve the error - List of Values Failure - Prompt.dll - Error Code 0X8004380D

I have a lot of reports that have Company and Location prompts. When I chose the Dynamic option and assigned the Company and Location fields to the Parameters, it does NOT return all the values. There are 35 Companies and 132 Locations; the Parameters just return 11 Companies and about 30 Locations. I am not sure how to solve this issue to get ALL values for Company and Location parameters. Therefore, I added Company and Location Stored Procedures to get ALL distinct values for Company and Location. Then, I assined the Dynamic option to the Parameter from this new Company and Location Stored Proc thinking it would return all values. But it gives me the error below -
Prompting Failed with the following Error Message - "List of Values Failure: fail to get values. [Cause of error - The length of parameter field current values must be less than or equal to the maximum value]"
Error Source: Prompt.dll Error Code: 0X8004380D
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