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Cannot access shares on particular drive of file server

Reoccurance of this older question i posted.
Same issue, but now it's happening with my AD account that i recreated and another users account in the IT Dept OU.

When i try to access any shares from my account or another users account on the D: of our file server i get access denied.  No one else is having an issue accessing files they are supposed to be able to access.

Creating a new user account worked for a while (i changed the login and email address to the same as the problem account after i deleted), but it has started recurring now about a month later.

Unsharing and sharing didn't work, but creating new shares and migrating the data to that new share allowed us access to the share, but I would like to avoid that if possible, as we have hundreds of gigs of data on that drive.
Active DirectoryWindows Server 2003

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