Laptop Memory Upgrade

The NX9010 has two mem mods accessible from bottom of unit.  It had paired 256k mods and I am attempting to upgrade.  I purchased two 1GB sticks and the laptop with not even give me an error message.  I attempted to put just on stick in and still no POST.  Does this unit HAVE to be paired and is it limited to just 1GB or possibly even 512k?
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Let me guess, not genuine HP modules?
That laptop has a 1Gb Max with 2 512Mb Memory modules.
Each DIMM can hold a max of 512, but some HP laptops will not work without Genuine HP modules.
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If you are looking to squeeze the max out of your notebook, this machine is compatible with DDR333. This machine comes standard with DDR266. You can mix and match, however if you do the max you will get is DDR266.
The maximum memory stick on each slot of memory slot can be installed in this system is 512 Meg. 1 G stick will not work.
NCalamosAuthor Commented:
Thank you all.
Before upgrading RAM in any system, best thing to do is check the memory configurator at  They're an expensive vendor for memory, but I have yet to find a system that they haven't got memory specs for--and using their configurator doesn't mean you have to buy their product (note that you can get Crucial RAM from Newegg, generally, for lower prices than on Crucial's own site).

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But, keep in mind, that HP and Dell are just a few of the laptops our company ran into that did are not always compatible with NON-Genuine memory modules.
I haven't run into an HP laptop since about 1996 that didn't use standard memory.  Dell will run with damned near anything in it, or at least, that's been the case for the twelve years that I've been supporting and repairing Dell hardware--it's one of the reasons I like working with them.

What model of Dell were you using that would only work with genuine Dell-branded RAM?
Just tried upgrading 2 Dell m700 notebooks that wouldn't accept anything but Genuine modules, Compaq nx6325, nx6110, nw8440 just to name a few. Oh, also HP ProLiant ML350 G4 Servers do not accept anything but Genuine. Should I keep going?
I've got two Dell m700 notebooks in one of the offices I support, both recently upgraded with Kingston memory from Newegg and running just fine.  My last employer used ProLiant servers exclusively, but purchased all memory from Crucial and never had trouble.  There's certainly nothing built into either system that prevents the use of generic RAM, so your situation is odd, to say the very least.
I object, pzozulka's recommendation is completely spurious.  You don't need official HP memory in that laptop.  The upgrade didn't work simply because the unit is limited to 512mb modules for a total of 1gb of RAM.  Courtjesterr should get full credit.
Actually a few of the older models were having really bad issues if they did not have the official memory.
But I would agree either way - split or all points on the explanation for the size.  
Oh, sure, the old DEC laptops I used to work on would choke if you didn't use DEC memory, but these days an SO-DIMM is an SO-DIMM...
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