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Search text file, output to ie7 popup box

Hello all,
  I have 6 items that I have to search a text file everyday, if these are found, I copy/paste the details of the line (its all the same line) to another file that I send out for a report.  I'm thinking there has to be a much better, more elegant way than the manual method I am employing now.     I have absolutely no idea where to begin with vbscript.  Ideally what i would like is to declare the constants (6 items I spoke of) and search filename.txt for them, if found output the line to either a different text file, or to an IE popup box, if not found, echo "Not Found" to that same medium.

Make any sense to anyone besides me?  :)

Thanks in advance!
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exactly what I was looking for, thank you very very much!