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Installing Exchange 2007 in a windows 2003 Domain / Subdomains

I want to install exchange 2007 in my and my scenario is as follows:
1) I have two offices in one city 1 in two other cities each.
In all other branches I have Subdomains, having one forest.
I have windows 2003 domain. I want to add windows 2008 as a member server and then install exchange 2007 on it while working in a windows 2003 domain.
Question No. 1 : Do I  have to install exchange server 2007 in all four branches as I have subdomains which are working separately while being in the same forest. IF not then I have to connect single exchange server 2007 with all the users of the primary domain and the subdomains, how can I do that.

Question No 2 : Exchange server 2007 with windows 2008 in windows 2003 domain, is it the perfect scenario or what should be the best approach to installing exchange server 2007 in windows 2003 domain while ruling out the upgrade of windows 2003 to windows 2008.
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