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HP Laserjet 2840 doesn't print until you reboot then it's OK for a while. This is after an office move

Client moved an HP COlor LaserJet 2840 from 1 home office to another.  At the new office they also replaced the PC it was connected to via USB with another XP Pro machine.

now, it seems the printer won't print until after a reboot.  also, this has fax capabilities and faxes aren't printing either (so I don't think it's the new PC as the issue).

right now, it's sitting at 'printing fax page 2' for 30 minutes.  Printed page 1 OK.  

I bet a reboot will get it to print a page or 2.  then printing just stops.  Machine was bought december 2006 so it's out of warrantee.  cost $700 at time of purchase.  a loose circuit board?

who do you call for service?  
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