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Need Help Joining Server 2008 to Domain

I have a server 2000 server that is PDC on a small network.  It is the DHCP, DNS, and WINS server.  DNS points to it's own static IP address.  I have read, tried and had no luck with many suggestions on this site and many others since installing a new server 2008 server last week.  I would like to eventually promote my new server to be the PDC, move AD from old server to new, and demote the old server to be just a member server.  My immediate issue is that I can't get the server 2008 to join the domain.  I have both servers plugged into the same switch, sitting side by side.  They can each "see" each other, meaning I can browse files and run programs on each.  But when I go to join the domain, I enter my usrname and password (admin security), it hourglasses for a few seconds, and then says the following error occurred attempting to join the domain.  The network path was not found.  I've tried renaming the server to a short simple name.  No Luck.  Again, I have spent hours trying to joing the domain.  There are no other servers on my network.  Thanks.
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