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Forward all email from Exchange 2K3 to Exchange 2007 in remote domain


Here's the scenario:

We're partnering with a company using Exchange 2K3 at email domain We're on Exchange 2K7 at email domain, but all of us here have to check both email accounts. Yucky. We're trying to simplify things for end-users for the interim (eventually, we'll integrate the email systems -- or something) and would like users to check just one email account. No federated cross-forest trust exists -- yet, and I'd like to avoid using public DNS to route the email to the remote system. I'd like to send the SMTP traffic over an SMTP connector to a smarthost (if possible) and through site-to-site VPN tunnel.

The question:

Is there a way to send all email for specific recipients (, etc.) to their alternate address at Google monkeys, spare me please. I don't need a link to email enabled contacts. I'm looking for someone who's done this before and understands all the components involved.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Greg,

you could try the following.

just setup the few account which you want to receive mails on and teh rest you can forward it to catch all account. you can then install the pop connector and pop out all the mails from the catch all acount and then distribute on the

i'm sorry I have not tried this on Exchange as it dont have the pop connector but I have tried this on a postfix  servers.
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Thanks but, we are on Exchange and POP isn't an option.
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Thank you Marast. That was exactly what I was looking for.