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Can't ping router interface on LAN

I can't ping from 2811 router through 3825 router on my LAN to secondary ip address on a third router.  I can ping from the 3825 router to the third router just fine.  Below is the scenario:

2811- connected to internet and 3825
3825 - connected to lan switch
-  Third router is connected to the lan switch and has secondary ip address configured
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i'd guess that a route is missing somewhere
so please try the following

1- on the 3rd router do a sh ip route to the interface on the 1st router
2- on the 1st router do a sh ip roue to the 3rd router
3- issue the ping test using the interface you found the route to on the other one

hope i was a bit clear
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The 2nd router is on the lan with address
The 3rd router is on the lan with address secondary and 255.255.255. 0 primary

The first router on the outside of the LAN can ping all of the 192.168.5.x addresses except for the secondary on the 3rd router.  I had to add a route on the second router of to at least get the 2nd and 3rd router to talk.

3rd router is a bridge from parent company with the ethernet interface being the one with 2 addresses
(  /  this interface is dot1 Q encapsulated, but I have no problem hitting it from any node on the 192.168.5.x LAN addresses.  Make sense?
um can you put all the information in terms of a drawing with interfaces on it, links between routers and ip addresses ?
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See the attached file:
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by the way if this didnt work try adding the same to the 2811
do extended ping with source and destination from router
Parent company bridge router needs a route back to the 2811.  I.E. ip route  Cheers!