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Can't set dbf files to "make available offline"

I've read question Q_21251889 and followed the advice there to edit the registry key to be able to include files with a dbf extension (normally not allowd) in the synchronization of files tagged as "make available offline".
As instructed, I added the values:


Now I'm assuming (since I'm a beginner) that the ExcludeExtensions key value is a Reg_SZ (String) type with the value "*.dbf" typed in without the quotes and the other three keys are all of the Reg_Dword type with the Base Hexidecimal value typed in as 00000001. Right?
... but when the Windows Synchronizer tries to do its thing I keep getting the message that sychronization is not possible with files of this type (dbf). Anything further I can do to make this work?
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