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Label Printing from web browser, Dymo or Equivilent


We have a site which requires the functionality to print labels directly to a printer (ideally label printer DYMO) one at a time.

I have searched the web high and low and cant seem to find a definitive solution so thought i would put it to the experts and see what suggestions you have.

Ideally it needs to be cross browser/platform

There are dymo developer kits for windows and mac, but i cant work out if they go as far as web.

A java script solution would be ideal.

If anyone has had to do this before, especially with the dymo, would be great to get your advice on how your implemented it

Many many thanks, i look forward to hearing your thoughts

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If you want to implement Dymo Label , through browsers , you have IE and Firefox options , which comes with a handy SDK. SDK contains both examples to print labels through each browser.

Installing a plugin in Firefox , and creating a registry in Windows to make it working for IE solves the integration problem. You need to code couple of lines JS in order to open ,and print a label on your desire.
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Ok great

Do you have any links with more info, im not having much luck tracking details down!!

Many Thanks

Support system of DYMO with all possible SDKs , drivers , etc.

If you click the following link , you will get the complete SDK installer.


I also post you a small JS code to print a Label on your local using Firefox ;

Have a nice day!"UniversalXPConnect");
		// create and use the nsDymoAddIn object
		const DymoAddInCID = ";1";
		DymoAddIn = Components.classes[DymoAddInCID].createInstance();
		DymoAddIn = DymoAddIn.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsIDymoAddIn2);
		// create and use the nsDymoLabels object
		const DymoLabelsCID = ";1";
		DymoLabels = Components.classes[DymoLabelsCID].createInstance();
		DymoLabels = DymoLabels.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsIDymoLabels);
	        if (DymoAddIn.Open('C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Documents\\DYMO Label\\Label Files\\Address (30252, 30320, 30572).LWL'))
	        	DymoLabels.SetAddress(1, 'Pablo Martini1\nSAMPLE Corporation\n333 W. Fantasy World\nSantaland, NP 99999-9999');
		        DymoAddIn.Print(1, true);

Open in new window

I guess you will not able to see from the latest post ; I am posting them again
Support site ;

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Thanks very much this is far more than we expected.

One other small thing.

Is similar available on the mac platform?

Warmest regards

Yes , it is available
Driver :

But it may require you to use only Firefox MAC edition. I did not see any plugins for Safari

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Perfect, We are buying our dymo label printer this week, with the info yo have provided we should be up and running in no time!!

WIth the firefox/mac firefox and ie/windows versions, does the above javascript require and modifications?

Many many thanks

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Finally got around to buying our dymo label printer!

We have it printing from the dymo label software included, so it works.

I have downloaded the Mac SDK and had a good look around but that is as far as i can go, i have no idea what steps i need to take to get it to work in my browser (firefox).

I cant seem to find any plugins for it, nor much documentation anywhere.

Would be great if you could outline the steps i need to take, so i have a clearer idea of how i can achive it.

Thanks for all your help so far.

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Many thanks fro your quick responce.

Im not sure that the MAC SDK is as advanced as the Windows SDK, i have searched around but cant find any folders for firefox or any samples.

I have asked the support team at dymo but have a feeling they will be rather slow.

We are now experimenting with the mac sdk and using applescript with safari, making slow progress but will post our findings.

Many thanks

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@socross -> where you able to get it working?