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What is the best/most efficent way to wipe out a computer and start over?

I have a virus laden computer at home that I want to format and give my daughter with a fresh start.  What is the most efficient way to do this?
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you can always just use the disks that came with the computer or if you really want to wipe it go to and get a copy of DBAN burn it to cd and run it on the computer, then install windows
Rob is right, use restore partition built-in system is best tool.
Hi Deetwood,

A step by step video tutorial on how to format your windows is also very easy for you :)
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Restore options can and usually do ask if you want to keep existing data (or they state that all data will be lost, because it'll format it before as part of the windows re-install)... and re-installing windows from scaratch is not exactly efficient (driver identifying and obtaining isn't always the best way to spend your time - no to mention application reinstalls).
If you're just blowing away partitions, is the end goal for you to give it to your daughter with a blank drive and have her install the OS?
I guess I misunderstood the "best/most efficent" & "fresh start" aspects of your question, as Gparted won't load an OS for you...
If you're re-loading Windows XP, there's a thorough walk thru here: