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Convert ogg to wav to mp3 in VB.NET

I'm looking for a way to do this:

1) Take an OGG file and convert it to a WAV file
2) Take the WAV file and normalize the volume to 100% (amplify to max level without clipping)
3) Take the WAV file and convert it to an MP3

And also do that in reverse (e.g. mp3->wav (normalize)->ogg)

Bonus if there's also the ability to modify the ogg file's header data, or a way to preserve the tag information.

Are there any libraries (or combinations of libraries) that can do that in VB.NET?
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i have seen at code project such a component please try ,  hope that half of ur problem is solved with it

C# component to decodes ogg vorbis files into a sound stream. Can be used to portably stream Ogg Vorbis without requiring any external libraries.

The TgPlayOgg project is a .NET C# library that allows you to play Ogg Vorbis files from your managed code. Decoding a given Ogg Vorbis file into usable sound data is done by TgPlayOgg which makes calls to an unmanaged C++ project TGPlayOgg_vorbisfile. TgPlayOgg also requires managed DirectX for sound output.
read this wav file format specs and u can manupulate ur own data

The WAVE file format is a subset of Microsoft's RIFF specification for the storage of multimedia files. A RIFF file starts out with a file header followed by a sequence of data chunks. A WAVE file is often just a RIFF file with a single "WAVE" chunk which consists of two sub-chunks -- a "fmt " chunk specifying the data format and a "data" chunk containing the actual sample data. Call this form the "Canonical form". Who knows how it really all works. An almost complete description which seems totally useless unless you want to spend a week looking over it can be found at MSDN (mostly describes the non-PCM, or registered proprietary data formats).
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