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Renaming files after deleting string at the end

Hi ,
I have set of files which has one XYZ name appended at the end.
I want to remove that XYZ from the file name using KSH or perl. .
for example. filename: 123456.xml.XYZ
I need to change it to  123456.xml only.

There are 100's of such files and all have XYZ at the end.

Can Somebody help plz. ?
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for file in `find /some/path -name "*.XYZ"`
  mv $file ${file%%.XYZ}

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Some distributions ship a tool for that out of the box. Look for an executable called "rename". Syntax varies; in Ubuntu it takes a perl regexp as rule.


rename "s/XYZ$//" *

would remove XYZ from the end of every file or directory in the current directory.
(I think Tintin got his mv parameters back-to-front)
No, the order's alright.
Oh yeah, my bad, he's REMOVING the XYZ, not adding it.  That'll teach me to post when I'm tired.
its better to use while read loop when going over files to eliminate problems of whitespace filenames. Otherwise, additional quoting must be done for the for loop method

find /path .... | while  read FILE
 # do something

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