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Trunking on Cisco Switches using 1GBps/100MBps mix

1. What we have at present between switches is some form of redundancy however if possible I would like to utilise it better to increase some bandwidth.
As shown some of the switches have a gigabit ethernet / SX fibre link (FWD) and also have a 100Mbps ethernet connection (BLK). I'm a bit of a newbie to trunking & load balancing / etherchannels so excuse the terms & what I'm trying to do.  Is it possible to use both links to increase bandwidth (even though the increase may be paltry) or should I leave the links in place as a form of redundancy?

2. I'm trying to get it so that I can activate the ethernet link between E1 & E2 (100Mbps) so that if either of the fibre links between E1-C3548 / E2-C2960 to A-C3750-00 (SX) go down it will switch over to the ethernet backbone. If I enable the 100MBps port on E2 it will just stop responding on both links and may only sometimes activate the 100Mbps port (FWD) and disable the 1GBps (BLK).

Due to the age & IOS (even though it's been updated) on the C3548 - it's not as easy or as full featured as the rest of the switches here.  The switches themselves are in different buildings / parts of buildings also. There are a couple of switches between the pathway of the E1 - E2 ethernet link as well.

3. Later we may move the 100MBps link between A - E1 to A - DG-C2950-01 to also look at possibilities as stated in 1. - is there anything I should be aware of?

Any hints / sites / ideas would be much appreciated!
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