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Problems with Domain controller and exchange

We have had some wierd things come up. Last week our domain controller locked up and needed to be rebooted. It took over 30 minutes to reboot. Once it was back up the only way we could access it was locally. We could ping and surf the internet but no one could see the server locally or via internet. I checked the network connections but it would locked up. So we rebooted again, and again and again. Finally giving up and trying to do some research. Well after about an hour of leaving it alone it finally became accessable remotely. I could ping it via local and internet. BUt then exchange was having nothing but problems (yes i know about exchange on DC but its a small office). Getting errors about namespaces not found and topology errors. I would post some but once again the server is unreachable remotely. Before I put inplace another DC and move exchange over and reformate this machine i wanted to know if there was anyone or anything i could try. I have read numberious microsoft hot fixes but nothing is working. Right now the machine is unreachable and has been for about 45 minutes. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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