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Skip certain sectors when creating HDD image for recovery


I have come across a very strange drive that needs a recovery of its contents (it was dropped inside an external HDD enclosure). Here's the problem: the drive appears in Device Manager and I can start a recovery application (for example GetDataBack). The problem is when the scan comes to a certain sector (at about 30%), the entire drive freezes. It doesn't respond to any commands, so if I ignore the read error shown by the recovery application, all subsequent reads also fail. The only thing that appears to make the drive respond again is to restart the machine - unplugging and plugging back the drive doesn't help (either on USB or SATA).

What I need is an application that would create a RAW hard disk image with either an ability to allow skipping certain sectors (before reading them!) OR to continue with creation of RAW image after machine reboot.

Any ideas?


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