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Using TTcpClient in Delphi BDS 2006

Can anyone help with a link (or code) for using TTcpClient in BDS 2006.

From searching for information it seems that most people just use the old TClientSocket. Even when people have asked for information specifically on TTcpClient the response seems to be to reinstall the old socket70.dll and use this.

I understand that the Indy TCP sockets do not seem to be popular, but does TTcpClient also have major drawbacks?

So far I can send an XML  message and recieve most of the reply although the reply is certainly truncated from what was sent. Also I believe (but am not sure) that I need to set up my local IP address etc.

If no-one uses this new componant because of major design issues or bugs, then I would also count that as a good reply.

I do not need however code showing the way it was done in Delphi 6 etc as I already have this.

I have included a snippet of my code.

TCP_JEQIClient.Active := False;
  TCP_JEQIClient.RemoteHost := 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'; //(ip removed for security)
  TCP_JEQIClient.RemotePort := '3000';
  TCP_JEQIClient.Active := True;
     if TCP_JEQIClient.Connected then
      lsResponse := TCP_JEQIClient.Receiveln();

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