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I can't connect to client PCs with Remote Web Workplace

I have installed a SBS 2003 (1 NIC) and have upgraded the client machines to XP Pro.  On my internet router, I have port forwarded the necessary ports (I think) to the SBS for Remote Web Workplace access.

When I login to RWW, I can login to the server with no problem.  I cannot, however, login to any of the client machines, although they are listed.  While onsite, if I try to use the "Connect to SBS" from each client machine, I get an "error 800" about the VPN.  If I try to manage the client PCs from the SBS server, I can't access them.

Can anyone help me to troubleshoot this issue?  I would appreciate any ideas of why these connections aren't going through and what I can do to remedy the situation.

Once I get the client machines to see the server and vice versa, how can I get the domain users "My Documents" to save to the server by default?  Also, how do I push out mapped drives on the server to all users?

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any advice,

Vic Wukovits
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