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Configure WINS Replication Between Domain and Workgroup - Firewall sits between

I am looking to configure WINS between a domain and a workgroup.  There is a Cisco ASA firewall between the two networks.  The two networks and ping each other, with all ports currently open between the two networks.

CORP - /24

I need the 'WORKGROUP' to show up under my network  places on the CORP domain so that backup exec can backup workstations in the WORKGROUP workgroup.  having the pc's join the domain isn't an option.  

I have WINS service installed on the CORP and WORKGROUP machines and added both as replication partners in each wins config.  

From within the WINS logs, it appears that replication is working between the two networks, but the WORKGROUP or DOMAIN isn't propagating my network places "microsoft windows network' section.

The firewall has all ports opened.

Any ideas on what I could try?
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