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Dell Latitude D600 - use with a Sharp Projector

I have a Dell latitude D600 that I am trying to use with a Sharp projector.  I did chat with Dell tech support and they advised I needed to update the catalyst driver for my Mobility Radeon 9000 device.  They gave me a link but it did not list a 9000 device.  He told me to use the 9600 update listed; however, when I tried to use this it indicated it was not compatible.  I then checked the driver and it was dated 1/2003 - I clicked "update driver" and it now shows a driver dated 11/2005.  I did read several of the posts about using a projecter with a Dell D600...  I would like to know if these are the steps to follow to connect my projector:
1) first check the screen resolution - 1024 x 768
2) refresh rate 60hz
3) connect projector to laptop and then hit fn + F8

Is this all I should try or should I have to change any settings under the Advanced tab in Display settings?

Your help is appreciated.  Thank you....
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