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How to connect HTC Mobile Phone to Exchange Server

I have never setup a push server. I am beginner to immediate level for Exchange Server 2003. I have a HTC phone unit which I would like to receive emails from my Exchange Server. I put in the Access point as the IP address of my exchange server and the username and password as the same I use for when I am connecting to OWA for this user.

However the connection cannot be established. Am I doing something wrong on the HTC unit? Do I need to make some changes on my exchange server to allow it to push email to my HTC unit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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The Access Point is what you use to connect to the internet, it is normally a word that is passed to your provider to set up a GPRS, UMTS or HSDPA connection.

The easiest way to set up exchange push email is to connect the phone to your computer and in the ActiveSync wizard, select to sync with an exchange server instead of your desktop. This will set up all the required things on the phone itself. Note: to do this, you will need to have already set up an Access Point in Settings > Connections > Connections on the phone to connect to the Internet.

The Exchange Active Sync will connect via name only.

You should put the external address of your exchange server as the address in the Active Sync Server source. i.e. mail.adatum.com.

If you are using HTTPS you will also need to export the Certificate from the server and and drop it onto the HTC device. i.e. Click the Certificate once dropped into the Documents on the Device.

The process should take no more than 5 minutes.

This link referes to attaching a device to SBS but should work for 2003 in general. http://www.pocketpcmag.com/_archives/Apr06/directions.aspx

Are there any settings I need to configure on Exchange to get this to work. I built the exchange server myself so everything is set to default.
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Not really as long as items such as webmail works.

By default, all users are enabled for Exchange ActiveSync.

An Exchange Server administrator can globally disable Exchange ActiveSync for all users in Exchange System Manager by using theMobile Settings option under Global Settings.

You can also enable or disable individual users by using Active Directory Users and Computers.

I can sync my HTC phone to my exchange server through my PC at work. But I would like to also be able to receive emails to the phone when I am out of the office and away from my PC. When I try to add the active Sync server source it doesn'T allow me to add it because it says active sync is already in use by the Active Sync (PC).

Can I not configure this thing to allow me to receive emails through active sync and my htc internet connection through my cell phone provider?

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Really? That's how I have implemented it for now. But that seems strange, I would imagine most users want to use both. For example my friend uses his blackberry, so while he is at his desk he has it plugged into his PC and it syncs everything as the mail comes in, once he leaves the office he detaches the phone and then all emails are received by his blackberry automatically and he doesn't have to change a thing.

This cannot be done with the HTC?
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The Blackberry works differently, even though it is connected to his PC, it is using his PC merely as a router to the Server.

So unfortunately, it cannot be done with the Windows Mobile Device.


Great answer to the question! Thank you!