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file recovery windows xp

Hi all,
             I was working with very imp project. I had 100 -112 files.

Most of the files were in word, excel etc.
I forget to log off the system and somebody I dont know whethere deleted or cut only those files.

Can u tell me some software with the help of which i can recover those files.
i tried the system restore but it dosent worked.

thanks in advance

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Try to use Recuva, it's totally free:

It's a good software, at least for recover my deleted files by error many times, small and big files, anything deleted.
TIP: just don't make any activity over the drive with the deleted files, other way the place used by your deleted files will be disposed.
Free undelete is good as well:

Remember though - try to do as little as possible with the partition the files were on. The more you do, the bigger the chance the files will get overwritten.
try ontrack easy recovery. it's not free but if you have important docs it's the best way to go. save the files on another partition.
"Recuva" let you recover your files to a diferent partition and is really easy to use.
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It was excellent
hey - which one did you use?