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Outlook 2007 keeps synchronizing folders constantly after fix

In the middle of this month we were starting to face this new problem on our Vista clients, using Outook 2007. For some reason the Outlook icon in the system tray is not changing back from "Synchronizing Folders" (look like an icon with two letters moving in different directions) to the standard Outlook icon. This happens every time I start Outlook, but also after some time of usage once in a while.

There is a screenshot attached to this question so you can see exactly what I mean.

I've googled around a little, and noticed others with the same problem (http://office-outlook.com/outlook-forum/index.php/m/366390/) claiming Microsoft themselves to be the sinners with updates to the mail client around mid month (July 10. - 11.).

Have any of you guys faced this problem? If so, is there a solution to this strange issue? It doesn't seem to be a serious one, because the synchronization idicator always finishes and reaches 100%. Nevertheless this is very irritating, and keeps me worrying if it could be something wrong with the Exchange Server.

Thanks, in advance.

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