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Restart on IIS not available.

I am running Windows XP with SP 2 on a HP Compaq 8710w.
The difficulties lie in restarting the IIS server. This is important for me since it is needed in my everyday job, and currently no profiler is able to attach to the process without restarting the server.

I hope the information is clear but please ask if something needs further explanation.
Thanks in advance.
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Rajith Enchiparambil
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Does the IIS have any dependencies?

Take the properties from the Services, and go to Dependencies Tab. Make sure all the dependencies are started as well.

Won't a quick reboot of your PC start the services?

You could also try restarting IIS from the command line.

iisreset /noforce
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Checked the dependencies, it depends on "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" and on "Security Accounts Manager" which where both active and running.

The problem is not with starting the service, the problem is with restart of it.
The iisreset.exe command yields: "Class not registrered" as an error message. And as I stated before, restarting the service from the Internet Information Services window is not avaliable.
Have you tried a system restart? Does the account you use have enough rights?
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Yes I tried system restart, it makes no difference.

I am admin on my system. Which other rights could interfere with this?

Try reinstalling IIS.

Go to Add/Remove Programs -> WIndows Components and take the tick off from IIS and complete the wizard and then do the same, but this time, check the IIS box. A restart in between would be nice as well.
I am assuming that you are running XP Pro and not Home. You could run IIS on a home edition with a few tweaks !
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Is it working now?
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Thanks a lot!
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The "iisrstas.exe /RegServer" worked. I bet a reinstall would do the same though I had some problems with reinstalling the IIS before.
Thanks a lot guys. You have been very helpful.

Everything works great, only one little question left: what did I just do?
Re-registers the server where? The system registry? And why did this happen?

Thanks again.
Have a great day!!
great !!!
this command has basically re-registered the class in system registry.