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Is there a CrystalReports browser plugin?


My client has the following situation:

- an existing software system build with Delphi 5 for the Windows platform.
- this system has several Crystal Reports (version 7) that connect to an Oracle database
- the Reports are displayed and printed with the CR VCL component for Delphi.

We want to migrate this Windows system to a webbased version of that system using PHP/Apache. The migration of the system code is not a problem, but we don't have a good solution what to do with the CReports.

So what we want is this:

- The user access the webapplication with their browser.
- When the user displays a Report the webserver should acccess the RPT, connect it to the Oracle database and display it in the browser (open standard, like normal HTML/JS/CSS would be nice).
- If that is not possible, perhaps a CR browser plugin exists that we can use to display the reports.

It's not a problem if we need to convert the CR version 7 reports to a newer version.

Any thoughts on this?

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