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Missing Form in Class Object

I somehow created a form, Form1, in my database that is now missing.  I keep getting an error message that reads "The form name 'Form1' is misspelled or refers to a form that doesn't exist."  I can see the object 'Form_Form1" in VB - but I cannot figure out how to delete this instance.  I tried creating a form named Form1 (after the fact) - but this did not seem to fix the problem.  I also attempted a Compact/Repair, Debug, etc. as explained in a previous solution offered to me via experts exchange - but the problem prevails.  Any thoughts?

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Thanks for your reply.

I tried the above - I got "MS Access fialed to create the VB Module."  Is there any way to assoicate the orphan Module/Object (sorry, I'm not sure what to call this) to the Form1 that I just created from within VB??

Hold on a sec
Once I assocaited Form1 to the table that I had previously been using (employees) - Access then allowed me to set "Has Module" to "Yes."  Your speculation was correct.

Fine - I was struggling to create an orphaned module so I'm glad you resolved it quickly.