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How do I create a report and fill it with my datatable at runtime?

I am not sure if I should use the ReportViewer or the Crystal Reports option, but I have a datatable that is created in code and I need to get it into the report.  The app will be accessed through citrix so I am not sure how the version on the servers will affect the version in .Net.  I currently use 8.5 on my pc to work with Crystal and it does fine for apps that are out there now.

I only have experience working with apps that have an access backend to them where I can view the table structure at design time.

There is a possibility for numerous reports based on the users selections of what they want to see..although it shouldn't be more than 10.  I have read a few QA's on here and I have seen it suggested about creating a Report class to handle everything, which I think I can do, but I am really unsure about how to get the data into the report.

I appreciate anything you can offer, even if it is just links.
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