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DHCP, DNS, Netlogon and Print spooler service not starting on boot up.

HI all,

I have had a few PC that have started showing these symptoms, After a reboot they take ages to log in, and when you get on to the desktop the PC is still searching for a IP address. If you look at the services you find that the DHCP client, DNS, Netlogon and Spooler service are not running, even though set to auto. If you try to start the DHCP server it starts fine and straighaway pick up an address. All the other services also start if you try them. but just not automatically.

I have read that this can be due to the print spooler crouption, however this seems to start fine also and printing is not effected. Even removing all drivers dosent seem to help.

Any one else come across this probelm or any suggestions as to how to fix it?
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any upgrades or programs installed lately? if so, uninstall them
you can also run msconfig from the run box, and disable startup items for testing
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nope no change what so ever.. was working fine last week and yesturday. no changes at all?

user said he came in this morning and it had stoped working?

This is not the first PC that this has happend to. there have been about 4 in the last few weeks all with the same problem, but each time no idea what is causing it?

Have you tryed to give the computers a static ip

the log on with be to do with the wrong dns settings being found ?
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See I agree with you Nobus,

however there was deffetnly no update applied lastnight to the PC. and when they are applied the get applied to about 500+ PC's a night and none of the others have this problem?

Not new PC's either and not just one modle or one Softwear build?
Strange things are afoot. ;)
>>  and none of the others have this problem?   <<  i have seen stranger things happen...
but i agree it would be very unlikely
...does any other post or suggestion strike you as more "possible" ?
well it was a sophos anti virus problem mixed with croupted print drivers!!

so all a bit of a mess really, but cheers for the help sir.
tx for the info !