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Shared printer loses network connectivity with a certain workgroup

Hi all, strange (possibly) goings on with my network printer. We have a small business network set up by an ex employee with many bugs but the most annoying to us is the that with a certain workgroup the network printer keeps disappearing. To get it back up the printer needs to be switched off and on or the server restarted. When we do this, the target pc running win2k sometimes picks it up straight away but other times I have to add new printer and then re-load printer drivers from cd.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Rajith Enchiparambil

Seems like a corrupt driver. You can restart the Print Spooler (In Services) rather than restarting the system itself.

Is that on the server or the target machine?
Just remembered that this is not a new problem but has been going on for a while with 2 other different network printers dell and epson.

MF250 is a networkable printer. why do you need a printer server and share with workgroup?

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William Peck

Your saying the printer object simply 'disappears' from the workstation itself and you have to re-install or is it still visible from the workstation only showing 'offline'? Are the printers assigned a static IP address or are they using DHCP. If DHCP, the IP could be changing and the workstations (or server hosting the share) in the certain workgroup are unable to resolve the 'machine name' for the printer.

Hi all, If my question and answers are a little vague it is because I am in a little deep here. In reply to PaperTiger it is the sbs2003 server (if that is the right name).  TrevH (thanks for reminding me) the printer says that it is unable to connect. As I understand it everything on the network has a static ip, this is the info from the printer. I presume that with it showing an ip address it is not on dhcp

Type Ethernet10/100/1000BaseT
Network Speed Auto Setting
IP Address
MAC Address 00:20:6B:5D:0E:34
Host Name GEN5D0E34
Print Server Name (Netware) GEN5D0E34
Workgroup Name (SMB) ZEFFIRELLIS
Printer Name (AppleTalk) GEN5D0E34
Current Zone Name (AppleTalk) *
Bonjour Name(Bonjour) Generic 25C-4(5D:0E:34)

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy


I'm wondering if the printer is properly installed on the SBS?  Because that's all that should be needed to push out the proper drivers to workstations automatically.  Follow this article to install it properly on the server:

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The computer that keeps losing the printer on the network is a standalone pc that although is connected to sbs2003 is not a workstation but in a separate workgroup. All of our other workstations are working just fine and can see the share name for the printer but the standalone pc cannot?
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy

You mean it's not a member of the domain?  Why not?  You souldn't have non-domain computers joined to your LAN.  They pose a serious security risk.

As for why it can't see the share name?  That's not what your original question stated, but its most likely due to misconfigured DNS settings on the workstation.  When you "have to add new printer and then re-load printer drivers from cd", how exactly are you adding it?  What port are you setting for it?


Hi Jeff,
I apologise once again if my replies are a little confusing I have been thrown in at the deep end with this problem. I did not setup the server but it appears that it is a member of the domain?? as it is listed in the manage client computers section of the server management (see attached screen shot doc1.doc file, it is the alohapos client), however I have 2 workgroups (see 2nd screenshot workgroups.jpg) listed in my network places and all the workstations on the other workgroup can see the shared name for the printer but none of the alohapos pc's can unless I search for new printer.
When the pc "loses" the printer I have to restart sbs 2003 server then on the remote pc   add printer- search for network printer. I can then find the printer but still have to reinstall drivers that I have permanently placed in a folder on the desktop of the remote pc.
We have just decided to upgrade both the sbs 2003 server and also the pc that is playing up as they are overdue a bit of loving care and attention and I am beginning to suspect that our previous "IT specialist" well, wasn't
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy

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Thanks Tech so easy I have always figured that we need to change things hence new pc's and a new and complete install of sbs2003