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Several workstations not mapping shares on demoted DC / File Server

Urgent please.

I demoted my Win 2K domain controler last weekend.
Users could log in and all drives from servers were correctly mapped within the same subnet as the old and new DC (Win 2003 Std). (10.130.61.x)

However, users from 'accross' the street connected through CISCO pix, on a different subnet (10.130.62.x) don't get mappins of the old DC, however they get mapped drives from three other servers on the .61.x subnet.
The old DC Win 2K was a DHCP and DNS server.

Trying to connect to it throuh \\[servername] give an error Path not found.

Pinging the old Win 2K server from those workstations works fine.
DNS settings (hard entry on workstations) point correctly to the new DC and another

Any ideas what whould the reason be?

Microsoft Server OSWindows Server 2003DNS

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8/22/2022 - Mon