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NTBackup and Sony AIT tape issue on xSeries 206 server

Having issue with NTBackup not working properly on a newly formatted IBM xSeries 206 server with Windows Server 2003 SBS.

Under RSM libraries, it has detected the Sony AIT 8mm tape although there is a red "X" on it despite the drivers are correctly installed and working.

Tried getting NTBackup to work via a basic script - although just does not seem to backup with the following error:
Cannot locate the specified media or backup device. This backup operation will terminate.

I know the tape is in there cause I put it in! I have used another backup tape drive on server without problems, and used the AIT on a different system without any problems. But combined, its giving me the irits!

Any help will be much appreciated.
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Hi, thanks for your response.

I found the problem to be with the tapes themselves although still having the red "x". All the tapes were formatted/erased and tightened again and assigned to the media group. I then performed the backup again and it was sucessful.