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Domino mailbox archiving solution

Please suggest proven and reliable 3rd party solution for Domino mailboxes archinivg. We are looking celtralised server based solution, which will allow to apply different criterias messages in inbox, sent messages and folders. i.e. archive inbox after 3 manth, sent messages after 1 month and folders in a year. Some mailboxe shold be archived after they grow above certain limit.

We have about 100 users with very large mailboxes and would like to automate archiving proccess. Would not like to install overcomplecated solution. Ideally archiving to nsf databases.
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Which Domino version are you using?
If it's v6 or above - why not use Domino built-in archiving solution?

This is from Domino Administrator Help (locate Mail archiving and policies help document):

For the first time in Lotus Domino 6, administrators can centrally control mail file archiving using policies. Archiving is particularly useful for mail databases because when a user sends a mail message, Notes automatically saves a copy of it in the Sent view, causing the mail file to increase in size. Archiving the mail file frees up space and improves the performance of the mail database by storing documents in an archive database when they are old or not in use anymore.
The mail archive database is a Notes database, and can be accessed like any other Notes database. The views in a user's mail archive mirror the views in the mail file and includes all the folders that exist when mail is archived. So users can find and retrieve archived messages easily from within their archive database. When a document has one or more responses, the entire document hierarchy is archived.
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We use 7.0.3

Is it possible to apply different criterias to Inbox and Sent and Folders?

We consider Domino built-in archiving as one of the options. But would definitly like to evaluate 3rd party solutions. Can you suggest any?
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I would talk to HP, and Symantec, since both of them have programs/ hardware to do this.

There are a few more, but I have no direct experience with them.

I hope this helps !
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