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LAN Connections...HOW?/

I have three locations and I need the second and third location computers to see our servers at the first location. We have some mapped drives but they don't go where we need to go and the computers locations 2 and 3 will not see the servers at location1.
I don't know how to do this. I have tried to to this command but it didn't work.    \\192.168.1.xxx\share name

I need some HELP as this is getting to be a problem for me.

We are using fiber T1 between all three locations.

We can go the Network places and all we see at locations 2 & 3 are just the local computers at each location. They need to be able to see the servers at location 1.

HOW Do I do this?

Windows NetworkingMicrosoft Server OSWindows Server 2003

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