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Need a diff utility for Visual Studio 2007

I can't seem to find a diff utility inside Visual Studio 2007 Pro
I need to compare 2 C# source code files and find the differences.
Is there a diff build-in?
If not, is there an add-on that will work with VS 2007?

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try to use WinMerge.. though it is not within the Visual Studio, it really works very good..
Is there a Visual Studio 2007 ?
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OK, it was a typo - I have VS 2008
I'm really looking for a tool (free or commercial) that integrates into VS
I have found a DiffMerge tool by SourceGear. It is free and it seems to do the job fine, but I'm still going to look for a tool that integrates in VS
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Is it safe to say that Visual Studio 2008 Professional does not have a built-in Diff of any kind?
no it doesn't have it.