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XP Home SP2 Cannot resolve DNS Names, can Ping/Browse IP addresses

We have a client who is overseas and having difficulties using the internet because he is unable to resolve DNS names.  He is able to both Ping and browse IP addresses.  He is getting his IP address by DHCP.  He was also receiving the DNS server by DHCP, I tested that he could ping it successfully, and then had him enter static DNS servers from OpenDNS anyways, still no success.

I have done flushdns, checked the contents of the hosts file, run the netsh reset, and had him run an AVG 8 antivirus scan which came up clean, and am out of ideas.
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Outgoing/incoming UDP packets rejected on router or outgoing port 53 blocked.
The only thing i could think about now.
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It's a hotel network, and other people are not having any problems, so it seems unlikely that it's an issue with the router...
Does he has same problem when connected to other network ?
As far as I know, prior to leaving the US this was not an issue, while overseas he has not been able to connect to any network - travelling in Europe.  Again though, he is travelling with others who have apparently not had problems so it seems unlikely that it's a geographical problem as well...
So lets make that clear, looks like there must be.
1. Problem with DNS service working at all, check if DNS Client service is up and running.
2. Problem with resolving DNS. According to what you said, TCP is working as he can open web pages using IP address, also ICMP protocol is working as well. We dont know if UDP is working at all on this PC. Check firewall settings, if there is nothing re udp, check if port 53 is accessible for PC. IF you have a time try to play with (tool that let you ping using TCP UDP etc).

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