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Chinese filenames in illustrator/freehand

We use Adobe Illustrator CS3 at work here in Norway, and we have cooperation with a chinese factory.

They use Freehand MX, also from Adobe to make different brochures and other things for us.

I just received a DVD with .FH11 files on it and I tried to open them up in Illustrator CS3. This is no problem as long as I do not try to update the links, because Illustrator does not recognize chinese characters in the filename.

I have installed the East-Asian language support under Win XP and all chinese characters are shown in Windows explorer. But when I open the file in Illustrator all the chinese characters are converted to "*", so when I try to update a link I can see the correct chinese filename in explorer-window, but Illustrator demands that the filename has many *'s in the name.

I have tried the same with Freehand MX, but Freehand will not even open .FH11 files if there is chinese character in the filename.

How can I get Illustrator to understand chinese characters in the filename? Windows understands them, so how can I do this? Because, this is project of spare-part book that has a LOT of links, so I do not want to go through them one-by-one.
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