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Get some a number from a database file and bring it back to visual basic 6.0 project (SCREENSHOTS AVAILABLE) ( 500 POINTS)

I need to get some numbers from some rows in my microsoft office database file and bring that numbers back to my visual basic project, now in my database file i have several tables, i want just to open the table name "Game" and then check if the tab import_date value(s) have the current date and time of my system. If found current date and time is the same with my system time and date then to get the table_name value(s) and do the following:

if table_name = text1.text '''' text1.text is a textbox in my vb project that has the value is McLeod

get the number_of_players tab of all the rows with the import_date value = the current date and time

Now lets say i get all the values with the number of players

Now in my vb project i will do the following

if any of the number_of_player is < than 4
msgbox "current number of players are less than the minimum"
end if

Screenshot of my microsoft office database file:


I know is hard this what i am asking but please give me some advice how to get started with this

thank you
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