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Error 439 on Win2000, but works on NT

I have a VB6 project/application that includes a reference to my OCX which has been working for years on NT.  Recently we moved the project and all 3rd party components to Win2k.  Everything works except for the case where I am setting at runtime the value of a radio button (used as a constituent control) through a function in my ocx.  In this case I receive Automation error 439, followed by Automation error 440.  

In troubleshooting I have:
1. Reloaded VB up to SP6
2. Compared and swapped out olepro32.dll with the NT version (5.0.4512)
3. Re-registered my OCX

I also have other copies of my OCX in the registry caused by previously installing the built application (EXE) on the Win2k machine.  The OCX has not been built on the new WIn2k machine, but on the original WinNT machine.  Compatibility is set to None.

Should I try recompiling the OCX on the new Win2k machine?  Has anyone ever experienced something like this working on NT but not on Win2k due to OS file/version differences alone?

Thank you.
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