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WSUS 2.0 identifies Windows 2008 64 bit servers as Vista

We are running WSUS 2.0 SP1 (Build on a Windows 2003 SP2 Server. We have not moved to 3.0 yet, but plan to in the future. We have begun introducing Windows Server 2008 64 bit to our domain and I noticed today that they are identified in WSUS as 64-bit version of Windows Vista under Operating system.

Since they share the same kernel I thought maybe this was just a mislabeling such as seeing "Longhorn" once in awhile, but it still seemed very odd since the patches are labeled Windows Server 2008. I checked the critical updates for 2008 and none have installed. I checked the servers and none are waiting to install. So I believe since it has misidentified the OS it does not know to send the right patches.

I did not see much in Google and not sure if I might need a patch or something for this. Ideas?
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