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DNS server failure on SBS 2003 SP1.

Hi, since yesterday I'm trying to repair a DNS Server Failure on a SBS 2K3 SP1 server.
The SBS server is the only server in the client organization (few role on it : AD, DHCP, DNS, IIS, file server)

The DNS service not start on server startup, and I've got events 407 / 408 in DNS log & event 7023 in System log (message : service DNS Server stop with error : not enought memory to this task).

RRAS is not configurate on the server and there no DNS Proxy or NAT (KB279678 or KB200462)
After few search on google, I do the following test :

tried to delete / reinstall DNS service from the Add or Remove Programs tool;
             delete HK_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNS registry key
             delete the %windows%/system32/dns directory
             use the CEICW tools to change IP address
             use nltest, DCDIAG /debug , DCDIAG /test  , netdiag ... (I copy the result of this command in attached files)

After that, I tried to replicate AD to a virtual Win 2k3 server (in order to got a copy of SID and AD ressources before reinstall the SBS) but no way to do the replication with ADMT (SBS domain not accessible).
If anyone of you got any idea...

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