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link Matlab and C#

Hi,I am doing some kind of data clustering,I use C# to get necessary data from my database,i.e matrix that represents my data.
Rows of that matrix represent words and columns represent documents,matrix is 1-0 matrix which means that ij element of matrix is 1 if i-th word appears in j-th document,and 0 otherwise. Then I use Matlab 7.1 to analyze that data,i.e do some clustering with Matlab kmeans function.My question is:
after Matlab groups my data(which is btw. very very large matrix) I would like to see which document is in which group?how can I do this using C#?I.e how can I accomplish this connection between matlab and C# program?I would like C# program be able to display these documents are in first group,these are in second group,etc. based on clustering results that I get from Matlab.
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Hi,I've read it,but I'm not sure that I understand it.I don't understand how to use his matnet library in C# application.Please could you help me with that?
The link I gave was intended to give you the background needed to run the Matlab Engine.  All you have to do is download the source and try it.  Did that not help at all?
yes,it helped eventually.thank you.