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Verizon Curve will not sync to Blackberry Professional Software

Hi everyone,
My company runs Blackberry Professional Software (Small Biz version of BES), and for the life of me, I cannot get the Verizon Curve to properly assign itself to a user.  I have 22 users on the system, all of which I've personally set up with little to no issue.

I've tried wireless activation, as well as plugging the device in via USB.  When I plug in the device via USB, and click Assign Device, I get an error message stating "No Connected Devices"... if I plug in any other phones (Verizon Pearl, 8703e, ATT 8700, Verizon 8830) those devices shows up in the local ports tab in the software and properly identify themselves and their owners.

I'm fairly certain it's not a faulty USB jack on the device.  The device charges without issue, and this isn't the first Curve I've had problems with.  I have one other Verizon Curve user in the office, and I had the same issue, and I was able to wirelessly activate the user without issue... I tend to do my activations direct from the server via USB (because it's quicker), but I had this issue before.  I am on the latest version of Blackberry Professional Software.

However, I've tried to wirelessly activate this device about 10 times now with no luck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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