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Steadily Decreasing Internet Speed On LAN


We are trying to figure out a growing problem.

Our LAN is connected to the internet via a 1000kb ATM line to our ISP. We run our own external and internal DNS. If I do an internet speed test from the external DNS, I get a reading of around 560kb during office hours. If I do the same test on any machine within out network, I get a laughable 16kb or so. How can this be? Should the two not tbe more or less balanced (internal vs. external speed)? The problem seesm to be getting worse over the last few days.

We run  a Cisco PIX Firewall, Webmarshal (was re-installed, re-configured to elliminate as the problem), HP ProCurve Switch.

Any ideas? How do we diagnose where the problem is?



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