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Is it possible to (hardware) upgrade a Dell Inspiron 9200 to a Dell Inspiron 9400 / E1705?

Dear Expert,

I own a Dell Inspiron 9200; and I also have a few 9300s and 9400s.  It seems to me that the 9200 is not a platform of future growth / focus from Dell for several reasons...  One of them being that the BIOS and the other driver software changes rarely for the 9200.  On the other hand, the 9400 seems to be the platform of choice by Dell...

Is there anyway I can "upgrade" my current 9200 to a 9400?  If yes, where would I begin?
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Sell the 9200 (ebay etc), and then buy a 9400.
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If you give me the service tags of the 9200 & the 9400, I can review the differences in hardware and suggest upgrade options.

However to upgrade the 9200 to a 9400 the 9200 motherboard would have to be replaced with a 9400 motherboard. That may not be possible and would not be worth it in my opinion.

Is there any reason, other than the ones you've already given, to make the change?
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Those were the only reasons...  I also feel that the 9200 is at the bottom of the 9200/9300/9400/E1705 series.

Are you saying that the only difference between the 9400 and 9200 is the motherboard?  How would I find out if a 9400 motherboard would fit in a 9200?
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