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How Can I Prevent Packet Sniffing?

Hello Experts,

Our company has several laptops that we're deploying to remote users to take for audits and whatnot.  These users will be using various WiFi connections (hotel, restaurant, misc offices, etc) to connect to their network drives via Citrix, as well as to check their email (Outlook Web Access, etc).

Our HIPAA department wants us to prove that some rogue user will not be able to sit with a packet sniffer, and steal data going over these WiFi connections.  They are afraid that someone might be able to steal packets over the air, and thus, obtain SSN's from spreadsheets, and other PHI from emails and whatnot.

is there a free or inexpensive software solution that can be installed locally on their machines, to prevent someone from sniffing their packets on unsecured wireless networks?  I'm open to any other solutions that might work.

Thank you!

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8/22/2022 - Mon