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Dialplan Customisation

I've just learned how to make a dialplan that works - Now I have questions about how to get customisatons working in the dialplan - I need to understand this well before I continue my little proect of getting a popup with caller details for our CRM.
If I have all my extentions (phones) defied in FreePBX, it makes a nice comprehensive list for each one in extensions_additional.conf uder [ext-local]. Which starts with include => ext-local-custom
If there is a exten => 201,1,Macro(exten-vm,novm,201) bah blah blah  and I want to add a customised rule to that extension's (phone's) list, I must create a whole new list of rules for it? I can't just add the custom line in [ext-local-custom]?

Is there a part of the dialplan that will apply to all calls?

If I make customisations to extensions.conf or extensions_additional.conf Freepbx will over-write them next time I update it?

Can I change the default set of rules FreePBX used to create the dialplan?

WOW - lots of questions.

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