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Is it possible to allow users to administer priviledges for their own shares?

Currently we have a file server with Windows 2003 Server and 32 shares for diverse uses/departments, so every time a user requires access to a share, both IT and the "owner" of the share (not technically, but administratively speaking) must be notified and permission is given to the user.

Is it possible to assign privileges to the administrative owner of the share, so he/she can add/remove permissions to access his share and only that?

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Rajith Enchiparambil
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I think if you make the user the actual owner of the folder, he wpuld be able to add other users and give necessary permissions. explains and the same applies to 2003 servers as well
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Thanks, I found it hard at the beginning, but it was because I forgot to give the users share level permission before changing NTFS permissions.